Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what now?

Desmen Pang, you want update? Here it is.

I got straight aces in my final exam. *happy*

The end. =p

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ups and downs

I thought I already learnt the most important lesson in life that life is full of shit? But why does it seem like I am still trying to prove it wrong? Why do I still feel so awful when something happens?

Some stupid idiotic morons from my group told teacher that I DID NOT do my part in completing the assignment and I ended up getting ZERO for my coursework 3. And the worst part is that I didn't even know it until I was told by the teacher that I failed my overall coursework because I got an effing 0 for my assignment.

And for some reason, I've been chosen to take part in the Ping Pong competition. *claps* Well, fyi, I know nuts about ping pong, and I am playing in the mix double match. =D But I guess joining the game is better than being a cheerleader right? =p

Lastly, here's some juicy gossip.. On the very last day of 2009, I had a serious argument with my store manager and I ended up walking out from the store. He was so so so so unreasonable that I do not want to "polute" my blog by talking about him. Just ask me personally and I'll be more than happy to tell you. =)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A sigh of relief

I've been really busy lately, plus my terrible time management, I didn't have enough time to finish up things that should be done. Rachel came back from New Zealand, and not to forget, she brought her boyfriend along this time. And I didn't really spend time with her. Sigh. She only comes back like, once a year? =p (See rach? You should come back more often.) I've only went out with her..twice? And she's back in New Zealand again now. =.=

My performance in college is not as good as last semester, I know. I haven't been studying as often as I did last semester, or, as often as I should. I even did my assignment only a few days before the deadline. And did I mention that there were 3 freaking assignments? =) Just hope that the rest of the group won't get really low marks because of me. =S

And to be honest, it was the first time I felt so helpless that I started crying in front of the laptop in the middle of the night. I still couldn't get the answer for macro assignment question though I went looking up in my last year's lecture notes. And that question carries the most marks in the entire paper. I also couldn't figure out what is the formulae for the "if" function in microsoft excel, and also 3 suitable charts to represent my data. Besides, I needed to prepare for my english presentation too, which I had to write out the outline of the discussion (which later has been completed by another group member). And the deadline for all 3 assignments was on the next day. But when I went to school the next day, I was told that we could pass up ITS assignment the following day.

Oh well, everything is over now. Just pray hard that I won't fail. =p

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Desmen Pang, I'm updating my blog for your sake. So do me a favour and just update yours too. =D

So, I've been working in Starbucks for almost a month. But I only work part time, which means I've only worked for plus minus 2 weeks. Anyway, working there is not as enjoyable as it seems. You have lots of things to do, lots of face colour to see (kind of). And, the salary is super low.. Working there is seriously very tiring. In short, Starbucks sucks.

First of all, the manager thinks that I am gonna stay there for the rest of my life, and treated me like I wanna be a 19-year-old manager of Starbucks (he was the supervisor when he was only 20). So he wanted me to break his record and manage my own Starbucks outlet at the age of 19. He taught me how to do the ice blended beverages at the end of day 1 and gave me another 2 days to master it. The following week, he taught me how to make the hot beverages and brew the coffee at the end of the day. He didn't allow me to practise much on it and taught me how to use the POS register. The next day, he showed me how to use the turbo-chef. To be honest, I haven't mastered any of it. But when he realised that I did not perform as good as he expected, he took the calculator out, and calculated the number of days I worked there. And multiply the hours, and devided by the 4 stations, and claimed that I actually have 18 hours to practise on each station (the cold beverages, the espresso machine, the pos register, and the turbo chef).

Hey, come one, you might as well just multiply to get the total MINUTES I have to practise. I am just a part timer, and you expect me to work and memorise everything and just neglect my studies? Oh, and did I mention that he hopes I will take the effort to stay back? =.= He hopes that I would stay back everytime after work to practise more on my pos register (fyi, your credit card machine is even slower than me), and the hot beverages. He also expects me to stay back to read the "coffee and tea manual" and the pastries book or something to get to know more about the products we're selling. He got the point there, but again, I am just a part timer. And you want me to memorise the ingredients of the cakes and stuff. Correction, the very detailed information about the food. (i.e. Sbux Chocolate is made of..? Chocolate. Duh. But he wants me to know what chocolate.) Oh, and guess what? He scolded me what the fuck in public. =D

That's all about my job. For more information, log on to triple W dot elaine dot com. =p Joking! Ask me in person la, I think I still have a lot to rant. Lol.

Moving on to college. DMK rocks. It's better than HR to be honest. Desmen, kay wai, you guys are still great, I'm just talking about the overall. DMK is more..united? Haha. Compared to DMK, HR people like to keep to themselves, expect the few of you la.

And of course, there are exceptions for everything. I happened to meet someone who is so effed up that it annoys me every minute. Lol. I even ruined my own reputation in public for someone who is utterly absurd. Sigh.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Chill. I am not saying goodbye to my blog. Not yet. Lol. I'm saying goodbye to Kea Huay. She's withdrawn from our course because she wants to learn bakery. So, we all went to greenbox as her farewell party.

Christy and I.

Christy looks so nice in this..

Trying hard to master the skill of camwhoring. Lol. Gan Cyhi Hung said we're supposed to hold our camera high up. Around 45 degree.

Ang. Ong. Gan. =p

spot me!! =p

Okay, you can give up now. I'm not even in the photo. Haha. Because I left early. =( Or else i would have to sleep in greenbox. Haha.

Friday, October 16, 2009

quick update

So, my blog is kinda dead. =p But hey, at least I still update at least once a month right?? Unlike someone. Hehe. And I seriously think that it's because I am happy with my life, and I don't see the need to boast about it in a blog.. Again, unlike someone. I'm starting to think that my theory is right because all my friends are like that.. Haha. Like ruby, desmen, and kay wai.. Even rachie! =p We're sharing through our blog, not showing off, right? =D

Let's see.. My elder sister is finally back last week. Obviously she enjoyed her life in overseas compared to Malaysia because she got to go shopping almost everyday. Lol. Which also means, lots and lots of souvenirs. Cash wanted to bite my hand when I touched this small little display dog. Haha.

I also went to Christy's house yesterday for the bbq party with Mr. Wee together with group 2. Nothing much to talk about Mr Wee as he's smart enough to come late and leave early. Lol. We're too young for him to mix with la.. By the way, he's now teaching us IOM, and I think it's way better than accounting. The only thing sucks is the time table, thursday 4 to 6 lecture. =S

Tried to camwhore with Cash but I think he was too sleepy. Or maybe it's because he thought that it was completely a waste of time. Haha..

Lastly, I've changed a new layout!! (duh, obviously) Huray! It's green.. because.. I feel so green. Lol. Perhaps it's because I'm looking forward to work in Starbucks. (which requires coffee beans, and it related to planting, and green?) That's why my blog is a bit greenish plus brownish. =p

Jeremy Chin, I'm tired of waiting for my header. Hmph. I've waited for more than half a year. Are you that busy?

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Tagged by Kay Wai.. So.. I'll try my very best to answer everything in chinese k.. Haha. I mean, simplified chinese.


★ 陈丽珊 (Duh, of course I can answer this. =p)

★ 做自己喜欢做的事情同时,没有忽略到别人的感受。疼爱,也被疼爱。感激自己所拥有的。

★ 缺一不可。(Obviously, I did not change kay wai's answer. Haha.)

★ 我连天长地久的意思也搞不清楚。

★ 当然快乐。

★ Means?

★ 那一种baby?我超喜欢我家里的Cash Baby。

★ Nope. 超越永远。

★ 等我存够钱再说。

★ 比如?

★ 适合就好。

★ 环游世界?=p

★ 尽量记得所有做过的事。

★ 是。

★ 所有人类。觉得人类非常渺小。我们的烦恼,更不用说了。

★ 现在问我,当然说会。LOL

★ 宁愿不要。相爱才幸福。

★ 暂时没想到。

★ 会gua. 想睡就睡。

★ 哈哈哈。你应该知道是谁。

★ 尽量令自己不后悔。

★ 金钱?哈哈!

★ 是。一定是。哈哈。

★ 有情喝水饱。爱情咯,反正我不爱吃面包。(That is the fan ti for bread isn't it? =p)

★ 失恋了才跟你说。

★ 看看他不回家的理由是什么。如果是会我家就无所谓。Haha. 不合理的理由就扁他。

★ 暂时想不到。

★ 不要和“他”做朋友。废材。


★ 张琪薇 aka 张其威。

★ 两年?

★ 这样问我,哪里敢说不重要。

★ 好姐妹?哈哈。不过是男的啦。

★ 赚钱?吃喝玩乐。Focus on 吃。

★ 还好啦。很孝顺,爱说话,勤劳。(其实我是在擦鞋啦。)

★ 什么几分?身材? 100 分。走样100分。哈哈。

★ 刷牙洗脸?

★ 没有偶像。呕像就有.

★ 马来西亚一年四季都是夏日。

★ 我也想。

★ 两次呱。

★ 哪里都想去。

★ 动口就天下无敌,动手就不见人影。爱炫耀。拿别人的屁股当脸皮。(这一句是我爸爸教的。哈哈。)

★ 会,但是不抽。很讨厌烟味。

★ 算是会gua。

★ Define 常。

★ 算是。

★ “玩”的定义是什么?

★ Depends.

★ Depends.

★ 热到~~~

★ 不明白。

★ 有时。


★ 什么是BGM? =p

★ 卡,照片。钱都用光了。 哈哈。

★ 所有亲近的人。

★ (Okay, actually, I don't understand this question.. But referring to KY's answer, this is my answer..) 好吃的都喜欢。比如,点心。

★ 有。

★ 还在交往,你说呢?

★ “我”是指Kay Wai 吗?哈哈。

★ 不希望有。

Thursday, September 24, 2009

the angels and demons

Before I start anything, everyone who's reading this, please bear in mind that this is a blog. This is my blog. What I'm about to write is my personal opinion. And to my family, especially my dearest mum, I don't mean to offend anyone. I just think that it is not wrong to voice out.

Incident 1
Bro: Do you want to use the laptop? Since Zhen went to UK and noone's using it..
Fun: No. I don't want to borrow, want then give. In case later using half way, I accidentally see Zhen's (xxx)..

*(xxx): something too private to post it here.

Of course, it is what I heard. The percentage of it being true is not 100. Oh, and for those of you who are already having question marks above your head. Let me explain.. My cousin sister is temporarily staying in my house. She often argues with my brother over my sister's laptop, since my sis is in UK or wherever she is now.. My brother thinks that he should be the one who's taking control over the laptop, while my cousin thinks that she should temporarily owns the laptop because my sis is not using it.

Okay, yee yee, if you're reading this, and you think that it is very unfair for her, think twice. Think from everyone's point of view.

I do not need to tell everything here, but what happened today is the whole reason why the hell am I posting this.

For some reason, my mum and my brother argued about the laptop again. Mum was asking bro to lend it to my cousin, and without a doubt, he refused. Because she never return it after borrowing, and then brought it out for her friends to use.. When my brother asked it back from her, she refused to return as she claimed that she needed it later. And when my brother warned her to be careful while using my uncle's laptop, she raised her voice and scolded my brother, and somehow, everyone there (except my aunt, including my own mother) was supporting her and asking my brother to shut up, and she still ended up crying. So yea, my brother refused to lend it to her.

Because my brother was very mad, so he posted "define 'borrow', 'return' and 'PC = personal computer'" on facebook, and tagged my sis, my cousin and my aunt and I. And they ended up quarrelling on facebook. =.= She sounded so confident and strong on facebook, saying that she has plenty of time to entertain them.. At the same time, she called home and complain to my mum. Of course, my mother supported her again, and went up to my brother's room, and started screeeeaming at my brother. My cousin even complaint to my aunt, and my aunt called all the way from Singapore to talk to my brother. Asking my brother to stop all the nonsense, and saying my cousin not dare to come home anymore.. *roll eyes*

After dinner, and after the phone call with my aunt, my mum came and talk to me, and we ended up arguing. Because I said that she is biased, but she denied. I was only telling the truth, and what I feel and think. My mum adores her niece more than her own kids. But I don't know who comes first between my elder sister and my cousin sister. Anyway, whenever there's an argument with any of us, my mum will surely side her, though my mum said that she doesn't side anyone. (which means she can't choose between her kid and her niece) Even the time when Fun argued with gor in MK, my mother asked my bro to stop. Why can't she ask my cousin to stop? Why can't she ask the elder one not to argue with the younger one? Because my mother is biased. Well, of course a small part me thinks that my mum told my brother to stop because she wanted her own kid to behave, she wanted her own kid to be a better person. But there is still a very strong voice telling me that my mum loves her more than us. Yea, she is very pitiful because she doesn't have a laptop. So?

Need more examples? My cousin was complaining that she didn't have enough money to hang out with friends, and I was very s-h-o-c-k-e-d when I heard my mum said, "go la.. guai la.. go and enjoy la.. I give you money lo.." I was like, whaatt the hellll. But of course, she didn't accept my mum's offer if I'm not mistaken. My mother never offered me money to go out. She would always ask me to stay at home.

My mum helped her wash her clothes because my mum didn't want her to be so tired, but she scolded my mum. She said that, she doesn't want my mum to wash her clothes because she's afraid of thunder strike. So.. scolding my mum is right?

My father asked her to park her car again in other spot, and she scolded my father. Ohh, not in front of my dad of course. She wouldn't dare to. Direct translate.. "Fuck his mother's smelly pussy, always ask me to park here park there. Don't park people's place la, not good la.. Not his house also.." Yes yes, you did not park in his house, but you are staying in his house. Show some respect.

Still, everyone seems to support her so much, and thinks that it is all my brother's fault. He is stingy. He doesn't like sharing. He doesn't like people using his laptop.. Which is why I bought my own laptop. Righhhht. Let me explain why.. My brother seriously is very selfish when it comes to computers, but it is only one of the reasons why I decided to buy a laptop. Mainly is because I know that my aunt/ uncle will never give me a laptop, like how they gave one to my sister because she needed it for college. Ha-ha. It's an old one though. And I know that my parents will never buy me a laptop. So why not buy myself a personal notebook when I still had income? Btw, xx paid for it too. =) So it's actually ours, not mine.

Plus, I did not make the whole house unhappy because of me. And mum said that she's happy I'm so understanding. =) I did not ask for a car, I did not ask for expensive college.. But, what did I get in the end? Nothing. I thought well mannered children and good kids always get what they want. Or at least, they get rewards. So my sis get to go to overseas because she's good in studies? Okay, fine, acceptable. She can go travel during her study week. She can go to London, she can go to Manchester, she can go to Europe.. And sent her more money because she was worried she won't have enough. And you people used to buy her latest handphones when she was young. But what about bro? He gets whatever he wants because he has a dick? Sent him to a good school because he asked for it. Bought him a personal laptop which he was supposed to share. And bought him so many sets of lego.. And you placed me in that dumb school where the teachers are like shit. I only had one damn barbie doll because I cried nonstop. And mindy always get to play the computer, go to school trips, snacks and that freaking apple tree gadget thingy though she did not behave.

Okay okay, so I am understanding and frugal. I never ask my parents for anything because I know that it's not easy to earn money. And it is definitely a waste of money to buy something you don't need. Still, I always get nothing in the end. I get objections when I started dating, while sis's boyfriend is like the best guy in the world. Get scoldings when I buy new clothes, new handbags and new shoes with my own money, while they just get whatever they ask for using your money. Gave a credit card to sis because she needs it for petrol and "emergency", while you don't trust me enough with a credit card and I had to issue myself one.

When I came back just now, I saw my mum dashing down the staircase, because my cousin wasn't feeling well and she was vomiting. At least that's why my sister told me. My mum looked so worried and nonstop telling her to see a doctor. Saying that her heart is aching seeing her like that.. Holding her hand begging her to see a doctor. Get an injection, or even send her to the hospital.. And my cousin sister nonstop crying and complaining that her head is really really pain, and she puked a lot.. Finally, my mum managed to get her out of the house, and drove her to a clinic. And I don't remember my mum doing this to us. She would just ask us to look for the medicine in the drawer and sleep early. And starting scolding about playing computer till late night and stuff.. Or better, she would get us some meds and a glass of water, and tell us to rest earlier. And I keep telling myself, "Okay.. Maybe it's because we did not cry.. Or maybe it's because our conditions weren't that bad. Mum still loves us more.." But I just can't force myself to believe it when all her actions show otherwise.

Let's change the situation.. Assume that I was the one who was feeling sick, and I was crying out loud. What my aunt can do is to get me some meds and put me in bed, and ask me to keep quiet because someone is sleeping. And that's what an aunt would do.

After all the things my mum did to you, you still have the face to say that my mum doesn't love you and doesn't care about you at all? Funny. She treats you almost better than her own children. And it's not like you give her money every month for raising you up. You take things for granted. This post can go on and on, but I think I should stop. No hard feelings.

Fun jie jie, if you ever come across this, I'm sorry if I offended you. But I think you'll be too busy with facebook..

Mum, I don't think you'll ever see this unless someone order you to read it. So, if you're reading this, I'm sorry too. But this is what I think. Frankly, you make me feel like not talking to you whenever you treat her so well. Okay, sorry. And I know you don't like it whenever gor ask for something, still, you'll fulfill his wants. And I know that you're upset whenever we argue, but I am upset too that you're biased.

Yee yee, you'll probably read this. I really don't understand why you and mum treat her sooo well. Are you guys trying to tell us that having 2 aunts is better than having a mum? I'm sorry too that I've upset you, but don't comment much, because Rach gets her way all the time too.

Friday, September 18, 2009

wake me up when september ends

it's already the third week of september and i still haven't updated my blog. lol. not even one post. so.. here's a summary of it.

i had my first paper on thursday and wasn't worried at all. =D because it was an easy one for me. haha. and the stupid college made all of us go back to school on saturday to have our hub etnik paper. it was kinda easy too. well, just not as difficult as i expected it to be. even quantitative studies paper is easy. =p not showing off, but haha, yea, i know how to answer the questions. BUT, i didn't have enough time to finish the last part of the question which consists of 9 marks. =( and god damn, what kinda lecturers the college hired? i didn't have an answer booklet on my table, so i told the examiner, but she didn't get me any. even until when the clock struck 2, which means we can start writing, she was still walking around the hall, checking the authorization slip and stuffs. gosh.

of course i have to reward myself for studying so hard (yea right), to be able to answer all the questions in the past 3 papers. haha. when was the last time i went to old town..? =p well, they have root beer. and fish & chip.. soft drinks.. in a kopitiam. =.=

had mcd's for lunch before i sat for my econs. i think it was the first time i took so much time to finish up a burger. haha. well, i don't have to explain why. those who are close to me know why. =) i thought i would leave the hall right after answering the mcq questions. but i was surprised i know how to do the essay part. yay. =D even so, i left the hall early and walked over to tbr to look for my babe and then, headed to times square with josh.

though i am positive i can pass the 4 subjects, i'm still poor in accounting. =p after staring at the questions for a few minutes, i started writing everything i know. haha. the income statement.. balance sheet.. and also ledgers. haha. when i realise that, no matter how much i write, there is still no way i can pass, i threw in the towel and left the hall early. so, my boyfriend and i, and a couple of friends went to the cinema to watch Gamer, because we heard that it's really good, which is so not true. i wonder why is it screening in gold class. haha.

after all the exam stress desmen has been through, we went to jogoya after his last paper. the place is nice, but not the food. lol. i mean, i prefer shogun. =D met his girlfriend that day, and i never thought that people as thin as him would get a girlfriend. haha! i'm just kidding!

the next day was unexpected.. i actually woke up early in the morning and went to the cinema to watch a singaporean movie with xx and joshua (again). later, we had lunch in secret recipe and hung out there for a while. and someone brilliant came up with the idea of going to the zoo. lol! since we were all so free, and so bored, off we went to the zoo. but it started raining when we arrived, so we went to brj in wangsa maju because if we were to go home, we would be in the jam for like, an hour. after that, we went to a cyber cafe nearby to play red alert and counter strike. haha.

you said you won't, but i'm sure you will. nyahaha.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mummy's birthday.